Fortec رسيفر 888 بلص مزود ب2usb

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240.00£ السعر بدون ضريبة: 240.00£
النوع :

Enjoy the purity of the image Full HD 1080p with the receiver fortec

Supports YouTube

Suitable for ordinary TV, Plasma, LCD, LED and Fur screens

Multi-Output (hd + av)

Multi-language program

Possibility to search satellites Blind search

Supports channel arrangement and favorites

Possibility to call the channels Arabic

Request another channel



The recording of the most beautiful movies and serials from the receiver on the external flash to reach the receiver

Feature films, songs and pictures uploaded on an external flash and inserted in the receiver

Storage capacity up to 8000 channels

ProSur SunBlas is very fast

Available channels file and support

The update is accepted by USB

Works with the Dysk efficiency

Toner High Sensitivity Receiving Signa.

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